The Role of the Contrarian in the Lower Elementary Classroom

Lower Elementary, by admin, October 20, 2016,

The contrarian is best defined as a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion, someone who challenges or goes against the usual. For parents, it is the child who questions or challenges everything: from the rules of the household to the clothing the parent deems appropriate for weather or special occasion. It is the child who … Continue reading “The Role of the Contrarian in the Lower Elementary Classroom”

Lower Elementary Play Date

Community, by admin, October 17, 2016,

The first play dates of the school year have been great successes! From playgrounds to picnics to get-togethers out in nature, the Villa di Maria kids have been enjoying each other’s company outside of their school environments. Here, photos from Mrs. Schwind’s Lower Elementary class play date at Shaw Nature Reserve this past Saturday afternoon. … Continue reading “Lower Elementary Play Date”