Every Kid in a Park

Community, by lauren, March 12, 2018,

With spring right around the corner, we’re hoping you and your families are finding the motivation to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors! For those of you with fourth-years, it’s time to take advantage of Every Kid in a Park, which provides all fourth graders and their families an annual pass for free admission … Continue reading “Every Kid in a Park”

The Development of the Will: Movement in the 0-3-Year-Old Child

Community, by lauren, March 8, 2018,

We have discussed the development of the will in the context of emerging self-discipline in the preschool and elementary-aged child, but a child begins exerting her will much earlier than this; in reality, a child begins developing her will as soon as she begins to move her hands, fingers, feet, toes, and head as an … Continue reading “The Development of the Will: Movement in the 0-3-Year-Old Child”

Moving our Bodies

Lower Elementary, by lauren, March 1, 2018,

Children (and adults) need to move their bodies, especially in the winter months when they are cooped up inside for longer than they would like to be. Physical exercise is crucial to healthy growth, in addition to helping our intellectual side through stimulating creativity and increasing concentration. Get a glimpse into one of VdM’s Lower … Continue reading “Moving our Bodies”

Parenting: On Sharing

Parenting, by lauren, February 22, 2018,

Sharing is a tricky topic; oftentimes we, as parents, place high value on our children’s ability to generously share their prized possessions during play dates and outings. But should we force our children to share? An unconventional view, below.  Related posts: Parenting: How Lessons in Grace & Courtesy Can Aide in Gentle Discipline Montessori Practical … Continue reading “Parenting: On Sharing”