Holiday Gift Guide

Community, by lauren, December 14, 2017,

The holiday season is upon us! We’ve rounded up a list of great gifts for children of all ages that support aspects of Montessori learning. Check it out, below! Related posts: Mrs. Maria Burr’s Creation: The Bambini Guide Villa di Maria’s Development Director, Maria Burr:I had an incredible Montessori-filled… Family-Friendly Holiday Events in St. Louis Photo … Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide”

Development of the Will: The Emergence of Self-Discipline

Lower Elementary, by lauren, November 14, 2017,

Dr. Montessori viewed the assertion of will as crucial to a child’s development. Will is the ability to demonstrate self-regulation, to control impulses, and ultimately to obtain the inner strength necessary to make the best decisions in any given circumstance. The development of the will is a stepping stone for a child to discover proper … Continue reading “Development of the Will: The Emergence of Self-Discipline”

Independence in the Primary Child: Why We Should Let Them Walk

Parenting, by lauren, November 6, 2017,

For the young child, walking is a relatively new skill. Some of the children in the Children’s House are only two years old, meaning they have only been walking for half their lives! For such children, walking in itself is a skill to acquire and practice: an enjoyable and necessary part of developing muscles, balance, … Continue reading “Independence in the Primary Child: Why We Should Let Them Walk”

The Importance of Sleep, + 5 Tips to Establishing Good Sleep Habits

Parenting, by lauren, November 2, 2017,

Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday, November 5th, at 2am; which makes it the perfect time to talk about sleep habits for children! Read about why good sleep habits are crucial for children and adults alike, and how to set up a good nighttime routine for your family, below.  Related posts: On Screen Time Beginning … Continue reading “The Importance of Sleep, + 5 Tips to Establishing Good Sleep Habits”