The Re-Birth of the Second Plane Child

Lower Elementary, by Sarah Moscicke, September 12, 2023,

The start of the academic year is always a joyful, exciting time with the reunion of old friends and welcoming new ones. Many children returned to their familiar classroom environments and communities of children and guides, while other students made the transition to their brand new community. Today we’d like to discuss the transition between the Children’s … Continue reading “The Re-Birth of the Second Plane Child”

The Importance of Getting to School on Time (and Resources to Help Make it Happen)

Community, by Hilary Lord, January 27, 2020,

Everyone is tardy sometimes. The occasional unexpected rough morning, spilled smoothie, flat tire or forgotten lunch box—these will happen to each of us. It’s when those mornings go from occasional and unexpected to frequent and routine that tardiness becomes… well, a problem. It’s easy to list the reasons punctuality is essential to the work- or … Continue reading “The Importance of Getting to School on Time (and Resources to Help Make it Happen)”

The Summer Reboot

Parenting, by Cab Yau, May 15, 2019,

Summer is on its way! Whether your child is headed to a summer at Camp Pegnita, days and days at home, or a combination of the two, life will work a little differently over the next few months. One way to frame the upcoming shift to summer is to think of a summer reboot. The … Continue reading “The Summer Reboot”