Montessori at Home

Parenting, by admin, February 6, 2017,

The Montessori environment at school is so lovely, organized, and practical — it is a painstakingly and thoughtfully-curated space that has been designed to promote independence and concentration, and to maintain order as children move through their work cycles during the day. And of course, each space is designed for particular age groups: the Primary environment … Continue reading “Montessori at Home”

5 Reasons to Get Your Kids Outside in the Winter Weather

Parenting, by admin, December 21, 2016,

It may be cold outside, but that’s not stopping the children at Villa di Maria from running, playing, climbing, jumping, swinging, digging, balancing, chasing, and burning some energy! We shared why kids need recess here; now let’s talk about why it’s important in any weather. Below, 5 reasons to get your children outside even when it’s cold! … Continue reading “5 Reasons to Get Your Kids Outside in the Winter Weather”

Gingerbread Cookies for the Holidays: A Recipe and Some Tips

Parenting, by admin, December 20, 2016,

The holiday season is a wonderful time to bake with your children, not only for the learning experience, but also for the sharing experience; delicious cookies make a wonderful gift for friends and family. Here, we share a favorite holiday cookie recipe (chewy gingerbread cookies) and a few tips about baking with little ones.  Related … Continue reading “Gingerbread Cookies for the Holidays: A Recipe and Some Tips”

Books to Inspire Gratitude

Parenting, by admin, November 17, 2016,

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we are eager to share with you some of our favorite children’s books to inspire gratitude. The act of showing and experiencing gratitude is an extremely important practice in daily life. Studies that have been conducted since 2000, including one from UC Davis, have shown so many benefits to daily … Continue reading “Books to Inspire Gratitude”