Geometric Solids

Primary, by lauren, October 3, 2017,

Some of the most eye-catching materials in a Montessori classroom are the geometric solids. Bright blue and commanding, they draw children of all ages in to touch and explore them. Find out what these materials are all about below.  Related posts: An Introduction to Sensorial Montessori One of the foundations of Dr. Montessori’s method was … Continue reading “Geometric Solids”

Cutting on Lines

Primary, by lauren, September 19, 2017,

One challenging and enjoyable work in the Primary environment involves real scissors for children ready to wield them. Cutting on Lines can be appropriate for children as young as 2.5, with the only prerequisite lesson being handling sharp objects. Here, a young child receives the lesson from Primary Guide Reghan McAuley on a sunny September … Continue reading “Cutting on Lines”

Don’t Miss it! Why the Children’s House Parent Education Night Matters

Community, by lauren, September 11, 2017,

This Wednesday evening marks the first of many Parent Education nights for the Children’s House (all three of our Primary classrooms). If you are a parent of a current primary VdM child, you should’t miss this! Here’s why. Related posts: Villa di Maria Night at the Magic House This past Tuesday night marked Villa di … Continue reading “Don’t Miss it! Why the Children’s House Parent Education Night Matters”