Parenting, by Cab Yau, March 6, 2019,

Fresh new activities are invigorating. We observed this quite joyfully when scissors made their debut on the shelf in our Parent-Child class. “Open. Close.” Joy! She was so pleased at her newfound skill! As with any new skill, the environment is set up for the child’s success. The scissors really cut. The paper is stiff … Continue reading “Scissors!”

Reading Material

Lower Elementary, by Cab Yau, January 24, 2019,

Books are a fantastic way to introduce concepts, build understanding and foster attitudes. Building off of last week’s ACTivist presentation on civil rights, below please find some suggested books that may help spark conversation and dialogue with your children. Jazz Age Josephine Written by Jonah Winter Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman The story of St. Louis … Continue reading “Reading Material”

Historical Connections

Community, by Cab Yau, January 21, 2019,

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week Villa di Maria was fortunate to host actor Erika Roberts from the Missouri History Museum’s ACTivist program. She graced us with four sessions individually tailored toward our Extended Day through Upper Elementary children. She subtly shifted the depth of each presentation based on the age of the children. The … Continue reading “Historical Connections”

Community Gifts

Community, by Cab Yau, January 18, 2019,

There are a plethora of ways that children build community in their environments at school. In the Children’s House, one way children participate in the life of the environment is by bringing in community gifts –  items for snack, vegetable cutting or pet care that have been requested by their guide. Children take pride in … Continue reading “Community Gifts”