Primary: Polishing

Primary, by admin, November 29, 2016,

One lesson in the Primary classroom that deserves some attention is polishing. Jessie Braud, Directress of the P2 classroom at Villa di Maria, invites us into her classroom to observe a child engaging in the activity (and using some serious concentration). In Jessie’s words:  Related posts: Introduction to Care of the Environment Within the Primary … Continue reading “Primary: Polishing”

Primary: The First 30 Minutes

Primary, by admin, November 28, 2016,

When a parent or caregiver drops off the Montessori child in the morning (for Villa children, this time happens between 8:10am and 8:30am), a very special routine unfolds. The classroom lies patiently, quiet and ready for the day’s work. Materials are organized and remain in their designated spots; flowers are set and ready for arranging; soft … Continue reading “Primary: The First 30 Minutes”

Practical Life: Folding

Primary, by admin, November 15, 2016,

First thing every morning, an observer in the Montessori Primary classroom will most likely observe a young child diligently folding the clean laundry from the previous day’s washing. Here, Jessie Braud, Directress in the Primary Two Classroom, invites us into her beautiful classroom, where a child concentrates on her work from the beginning sequence through … Continue reading “Practical Life: Folding”