Reading Material

Reading, by Cab Yau, January 24, 2019,

Books are a fantastic way to introduce concepts, build understanding and foster attitudes. Building off of last week’s ACTivist presentation on civil rights, below please find some suggested books that may help spark conversation and dialogue with your children. Jazz Age Josephine Written by Jonah Winter Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman The story of St. Louis … Continue reading “Reading Material”

Winter Reading

Reading, by Cab Yau, December 13, 2018,

As you prepare to hunker down for Winter Break, make sure you’re well stocked with books for the whole family. Below is Lauren Knight’s lovely post from last winter on children’s books for this time of year. Take a peek, run to the library and don’t forget to pick a few up for yourself! With … Continue reading “Winter Reading”

What (and How) We’re Reading for Black History Month

Reading, by lauren, February 13, 2018,

Black History Month is a time to commemorate the vast historical achievements and contributions of black Americans through time. For parents, it is also an opportunity to discuss and celebrate diversity with your children. One such way to do this is through books! Below, some book recommendations, and tips on how to read them with … Continue reading “What (and How) We’re Reading for Black History Month”