Transition Time…

Community, by Cab Yau, September 11, 2018,

For many in our community, the joy of starting the school year comes with the challenge of adjusting to a new environments and new routines. The initial moment of transition – drop off – is often fraught with emotions both from parents and children. Making drop off quick and consistent is the best way to … Continue reading “Transition Time…”

On Giving…

Uncategorized, by Cab Yau, September 6, 2018,

Walking through Villa di Maria’s campus is striking to experience. Growth is visible in the new facilities; the Magic Circle beckons with its inviting benches; there is no shortage of space to run, play and explore. Look inside any of the buildings and you’re met with stunning classrooms full of beautiful, well-crafted materials. Best of … Continue reading “On Giving…”

Lunch… (Part 1)

Lower Elementary, by Cab Yau, September 1, 2018,

The topic of packing lunches often elicits a deep sigh. One more thing to do, one more thing to remember. Let’s try to shift our perspective by looking at lunches through a Montessori lens. Like most things in the Montessori classroom, lunch is a multi-faceted opportunity for growth. It provides occasions for choice making, self-sufficiency … Continue reading “Lunch… (Part 1)”