Uncategorized, by Cab Yau, April 11, 2019,

Take a look at one of the big events at VdM last week … hosting and interacting with the exhibit “Pollinators: Little Helpers, Big Results.” The exhibit, which is normally installed in museums, zoos or aquariums, made a special visit to our school and Extended Day through Elementary children were invited to interact with the … Continue reading “Pollinators…”

The Chicken Coop!

Uncategorized, by Cab Yau, March 27, 2019,

Remember ages ago when you donated to The Fund for Villa di Maria? Remember the promise of chickens, the chicken dance and the chicken contest? Yep, we reached our goal and Spring is here which means… time for chickens! Upper Elementary students, along with Stefan, our fearless Facilities Manager, have taken on the task of … Continue reading “The Chicken Coop!”