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Just in case you didn’t know… For those needing to hone their phonetic reading skills… Tonight is the big night of the concert (!!!) All credit for this post to Heather Steinman… and of course the Tabletop Moveable Alphabet author… Related posts: On Spelling I have a confession. While driving home from school recently,… Happy … Continue reading “Tonight…”

Winter Reading

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As you prepare to hunker down for Winter Break, make sure you’re well stocked with books for the whole family. Below is Lauren Knight’s lovely post from last winter on children’s books for this time of year. Take a peek, run to the library and don’t forget to pick a few up for yourself! With … Continue reading “Winter Reading”

Recess Time!

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Amidst the influx of research showing  the importance of recess, free play and movement for children’s development, rest assured that recess is alive and well at Villa di Maria. Except in extreme weather, children have the opportunity to have extended time outside every day. And they love it.   Related posts: Recess: A Glimpse into … Continue reading “Recess Time!”