Executive Functions… (Part 1: Introduction)

Uncategorized, by Cab Yau, October 12, 2018,

Montessori offers such a full and complete education to children. One prime example of what Montessori offers children can be seen in that the pedagogy naturally supports the development of executive functions. In this post, we’ll take a look at executive functions, touching lightly on some of the ways Montessori classrooms support their development. More … Continue reading “Executive Functions… (Part 1: Introduction)”

On Peace…

Uncategorized, by Cab Yau, September 21, 2018,

Perhaps the most profound aspects of Montessori education are those that we do not see. Montessori nourishes our children’s very character. Our hope is that, well nourished, our children will develop a sense of justice and a true understanding of peace. In celebration of The International Day of Peace, Anna Schwind offers the following for … Continue reading “On Peace…”