Practical Life: Ironing

Uncategorized, by Cab Yau, November 2, 2018,

Continuing to build our understanding of Practical Life, let’s take an in depth look at Ironing… Ironing is the culminating activity in a trifecta of Practical Life lessons. This series begins with Polishing, a lesson typically given earlier in the child’s time in the Children’s House. The cloths used in Polishing are then put in … Continue reading “Practical Life: Ironing”

Executive Functions… (Part 1: Introduction)

Uncategorized, by Cab Yau, October 12, 2018,

Montessori offers such a full and complete education to children. One prime example of what Montessori offers children can be seen in that the pedagogy naturally supports the development of executive functions. In this post, we’ll take a look at executive functions, touching lightly on some of the ways Montessori classrooms support their development. More … Continue reading “Executive Functions… (Part 1: Introduction)”

Transition Time…

Community, by Cab Yau, September 11, 2018,

For many in our community, the joy of starting the school year comes with the challenge of adjusting to a new environments and new routines. The initial moment of transition – drop off – is often fraught with emotions both from parents and children. Making drop off quick and consistent is the best way to … Continue reading “Transition Time…”