On Peace…

Community, by Cab Yau, September 21, 2018,

Perhaps the most profound aspects of Montessori education are those that we do not see. Montessori nourishes our children’s very character. Our hope is that, well nourished, our children will develop a sense of justice and a true understanding of peace. In celebration of The International Day of Peace, Anna Schwind offers the following for … Continue reading “On Peace…”

Lunches (Part 2) … The Bridge to Independence

Community, by Cab Yau, September 19, 2018,

A child’s path to independence is neither straight nor necessarily expeditious. But with preparation, we can foster environments that provide support on this path. Having covered the basics of lunches at school, let’s explore how to use this everyday activity to promote independence.  As with almost every skill children acquire, independent lunch-making is a gradual … Continue reading “Lunches (Part 2) … The Bridge to Independence”

Transition Time…

Community, by Cab Yau, September 11, 2018,

For many in our community, the joy of starting the school year comes with the challenge of adjusting to a new environments and new routines. The initial moment of transition – drop off – is often fraught with emotions both from parents and children. Making drop off quick and consistent is the best way to … Continue reading “Transition Time…”

Lunch… (Part 1)

Lower Elementary, by Cab Yau, September 1, 2018,

The topic of packing lunches often elicits a deep sigh. One more thing to do, one more thing to remember. Let’s try to shift our perspective by looking at lunches through a Montessori lens. Like most things in the Montessori classroom, lunch is a multi-faceted opportunity for growth. It provides occasions for choice making, self-sufficiency … Continue reading “Lunch… (Part 1)”

Welcome back!

Community, by Cab Yau, August 28, 2018,

We are so excited that 2018-2019 is officially underway! Five minutes into the school year and the outdoor environment was in full swing!  What better place to do watercolor painting than out in the sunshine. The children wasted no time connecting with nature and caring for their environment. Welcome back fort builders! From the very … Continue reading “Welcome back!”