Lower Elementary, by Cab Yau, March 8, 2019,

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu As winter resolutely stays and we crave the warmth and light of the coming spring, let’s admire the light that shines despite the cold – the sunlight that breaks through, the light of friendship, the light of … Continue reading “Light…”

Standardized Testing

Lower Elementary, by Cab Yau, February 18, 2019,

For many of us, schooling is inextricably linked to memories of testing, evaluations and scores. One thing that draws us to Montessori is the general absence of testing as we experienced it. However, the absence of traditional tests is not an absence of assessment. Assessments are only helpful if they give information which is valid … Continue reading “Standardized Testing”

Creating Community Together Part 2: Class Meetings

Lower Elementary, by Cab Yau, February 7, 2019,

Anna Schwind sneaks us in to take another peek at the magic of Elementary classrooms … Class Meetings: Dialogue, discussion and decisions. Welcome to the second part of the series on creating community together. The previous entry¬† was focused on the early work the children do to establish guidelines and norms for the school year … Continue reading “Creating Community Together Part 2: Class Meetings”