Revolutionary War Presentation: Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary, by admin, April 17, 2017,

Back in February, the Upper Elementary students were treated to a Revolutionary War presentation by Captain Roy Schmid, a Royal Regiment of Artillery. The presentation was impressive, demonstrating the sights, sounds, smells, and even the feeling of carrying a tremendous amount of equipment (as one student discovered). Below, Rebecca Callander, Upper Elementary Directress, describes the … Continue reading “Revolutionary War Presentation: Upper Elementary”

The Role of Pets in the Montessori Classroom

Children's House, by admin, February 27, 2017,

At Villa di Maria, there are plenty of living, breathing creatures who spend their time in the classrooms, and they aren’t only the children! We shared the role of plants in the Montessori environment here; today, we will discuss the importance of our furry, scaly, shelled, and feathered friends.  Related posts: We Love Our Animals! … Continue reading “The Role of Pets in the Montessori Classroom”