Our First Montessori Moment. Eoghan at West Point.

Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Vito T. Bryant/ USMA Public Affairs
Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Vito T. Bryant/ USMA Public Affairs

Shared by Mary Matthews:

All four of my children have attended Villa at some point (we have moved in and out of St Louis multiple times). Attached is a photo of my oldest son, Eoghan, now 21. He is a cadet at West Point. In the photo he is at the far left, watching an ikebana demonstration- Japanese flower arranging- that took place at West Point in September 2014. 

When I saw this photo, my mind immediately went back to my three-year old son arranging flowers in P2. The exercises in practical life have much longer-reaching effects than we might think! They are not just fun activities for the kids to do until they start “real work.”  Eoghan was the only cadet selected to go to Japan on exchange study in the fall of 2015. Do I think it’s connected to his early Montessori experiences at Villa? YES.  

Kind regards,
Mary Matthews

This is the photo credit, by the way:

Staff Sgt. Vito T. Bryant/ USMA Public Affairs

Montessori Moments

Mrs. McAuley with daughter, Ella
Mrs. McAuley with daughter, Ella

Have you got one?  

A Montessori Moment?  

A time when you sat up and took special notice of marked growth in a certain area?
Or a particular instance on a particular day when something interesting occurred?
Or a funny conversation you had with your child about school?
Or an important relationship that developed in your child’s VdM experience that you’ll never forget?  
Maybe a couple of moments?  

Villa di Maria Families, 

We would love to hear from you!  Please ponder your child’s Montessori experience (or your children’s Montessori experiences) at Villa di Maria.  Perhaps jot down all the “stand-outs” that come immediately to mind- small but memorable all the way to enormous and mind-shifting.  Interesting.  Notable.  Humorous.  Curious.  Heartwarming. Surprising.  The gamut.  Then choose ONE per child and describe the moment.  You could write a sentence or two or a paragraph or two.  Finally, send your Montessori Moments our way (email megm@villadimaria.org) so that we can share with the VdM community.

Thank you much!  We can’t wait to receive all the “wonderfulness”!


Your VdM People

Mrs. Anderson with daughter, Cecilia
Mrs. Anderson with daughter, Cecilia

Turning X’s into Squares



Montessori math lesson reinforced at the St. Louis Science Center!  Got to appreciate that!

From VdM Parent, Cab Yau:

I love this picture of Hank from our spring break in St. Louis.  We were at the Science Center, and he ran to the display that said “math.”  He loved these turn-an-x (hexagon, octagon, triangle, etc.) -into-a-square puzzles.  I asked him if they were kind of like his equivalence plates.  It was pretty cool because each one was broken into specific shapes that you had to make fit into the other shape, and it told of the person who found out about this particular equivalence – and some were fairly recent (1926!).