Bird Watching in Primary

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In Villa di Maria’s Primary classrooms, the outdoor prepared environment is often the first place children head as they arrive in the morning. The outdoor prepared environment is available and accessible throughout the morning work cycle. Children are free to move outdoors, as the door is open to an outdoor patio with easels, tables, gardening tools, aprons, brushes and brooms, and other materials. There are several areas in the outdoor environment that are so appealing to little ones. One of these areas is bird-watching.  Continue reading “Bird Watching in Primary”

Lower Elementary Play Date

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The first play dates of the school year have been great successes! From playgrounds to picnics to get-togethers out in nature, the Villa di Maria kids have been enjoying each other’s company outside of their school environments. Here, photos from Mrs. Schwind’s Lower Elementary class play date at Shaw Nature Reserve this past Saturday afternoon. The weather was perfect, the company even better! Continue reading “Lower Elementary Play Date”

A Few “Bites” of Montessori Math


In the Elementary.  Still many materials in the mix but moving to more pencil-paper and abstraction of concepts. Continue reading “A Few “Bites” of Montessori Math”

Get a Glimpse…


Reading in the library,
Story writing,
Telling time,
Writing a report with a friend,
Skip counting,
Recognizing phonemes,
Conferencing with a Directress…

On a Friday afternoon in the Lower Elementary classrooms. Continue reading “Get a Glimpse…”

Take a Peek…


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Into the Villa di Maria Upper Elementary first thing on a Friday morning. Continue reading “Take a Peek…”