Presenting Our House Magician…


Our Upper Elementary Assistant amazed the end-of-summer Camp Lite crowd with all sorts of sleight of hand, hocus pocus and presto chango!

Justin’s take on the show?
“It was magical.” Continue reading “Presenting Our House Magician…”

It All “Matters”


Did you catch this recent article in Psychology Today?

Gray Matters:  Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain

Onesies in the Mix!


Available in pink, yellow, gray and lime with the VdM logo embroidered across the front

Available in pink, yellow, gray and lime with the VdM logo embroidered across the front

That’s right, our Spirit Wear store is open and taking orders now through Friday, September 16!  We have a great selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and even pajama pants available.  News flash that we now also have embroidered ONESIES available in pink, yellow, gray and lime!  (Thanks to Mrs. McAuley for the brilliant idea!)  Obviously, we LOVE seeing the children in our very favorite VdM shirts, and we would LOVE to see you around campus and town donning the latest VdM Spirit Wear!  Check out the VdM Spirit Wear Store now! 

Reminder that you will receive your VdM goods two weeks after the deadline.  If you have any questions, please contact Meg (

Becoming REALLY Real…

Villa di Maria Head of School, Laura Ceretti-Michelman snapped these photos on campus today and shared that the Primary children were absolutely mesmerized by the site preparation.  As a tree went down, they all screamed, “Nooooooo!”  So hard to watch some of our beauties be removed to make room for the new buildings. The Elementary children were also watching the action.   Continue reading “Becoming REALLY Real…”

Cooking with Your Child


Shared by Mrs. Sophie Andre, Lower Elementary Assistant and mom of Lynne, a new VdM Primary student:

The kitchen is probably one of the most enticing places in the house for a child who is discovering the world. Our anxiety and fear in letting children explore this place probably makes it even more mysterious and desirable.  Think about it- all those curious, mysterious tools you can push, turn, twist, and cut paired with all those smells, all those sounds, all those colors.  Where else can you explore and experience so many things at once? Continue reading “Cooking with Your Child”