Meet Ms. Jessie Braud


1.  Describe your educational background. 

I have a BA in English and Spanish from Saint Louis University with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I also decided in college that after I got my Bachelor’s, I was NEVER going to be a teacher and NEVER going to go back to school… Past “me” was hilarious! Continue reading “Meet Ms. Jessie Braud”

Going for Distance!


Can we make it to 500 meters by August 15th?
750 meters, perhaps?
A BOLD 1,000 meters?

More info on the VdM Summer Reading Challenge can be found here: Continue reading “Going for Distance!”

Meet Mrs. Karolina Hanus


1. Describe your educational background. 

I attended Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland where I received my master’s degree in history, my teaching certificate in history and social science and my post-graduate diploma in journalism and social communication. Right now I’m a student in The Montessori Training Center of St Louis to become a Primary Teacher. Continue reading “Meet Mrs. Karolina Hanus”

Meet Mrs. Melinda Smith


1.  Describe your educational background.
I received my Bachelors in Mass Communications with a Minor in Art at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

2.  How/when did you become interested in Montessori education?
Before we enrolled Nathan at Villa, Brian and I attended the Silent Journey.  It was amazing, and I left wishing that Montessori had been my educational experience. It felt like home- it was comfortable, engaging and exciting. Continue reading “Meet Mrs. Melinda Smith”



Emerson soaking up her summer reads! Emerson soaking up her summer reads!

Cheers to Family Brostron/Steinman and Reese Gebauer for sharing their current list of summer reads with us!  

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that ALL of our families send their book lists our way, and we’ll keep tallying book “meters” through August 15th!  Keep ’em coming, VdM! Continue reading “THIRTY-FOUR METERS!”