Practical Life: Making Coffee- Grace & Courtesy in the Primary Classroom


There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee early in the morning, and thanks to the Montessori work of making coffee, the Directresses and guests of the Primary classroom are treated to these smells of home on a daily basis! If you happen to be a guest in a Primary Montessori classroom early in the morning, don’t be surprised if a child approaches you to offer you a fresh cup of coffee – say yes, and observe the hard work and pride that goes into each cup! Continue reading “Practical Life: Making Coffee- Grace & Courtesy in the Primary Classroom”

Upper Elementary Observations in Primary


Happy May 1st! This school year is winding down quickly, with many fun events on the horizon, including the sixth year graduation! As an exercise in reflection and preparation for this transition, the sixth-year students at Villa di Maria have been going back to their roots and participating in observations in the Primary classrooms. Below, some reflections from the sixth-years before and after observing the Primary students.  Continue reading “Upper Elementary Observations in Primary”

On Screen Time


Beginning this Monday, May 1st, Villa di Maria will participate in our annual “Screen-Free Week,” during which we ask our parents to spend the week engaging their children in activities that do not require a TV, smart phone, computer, iPad, or other electronic device. It’s a time to get outside, or go to the library or museum, to go for a bike ride, or explore a new playground while leaving the screens behind. Screen-free week is the perfect excuse to reset the screen time rules in your household if you feel they have gotten out of hand – just blame it on us! Below, why it’s important to rethink screen time, and several suggestions for how to spend your screen-free week!  Continue reading “On Screen Time”

The Sound and Science of Music at the Sheldon


This spring has been full of fun outings for the Lower and Upper Elementary students at Villa di Maria. In mid-April, the entire Elementary ventured out on an all-day field trip to The Sheldon Concert Hall for their Sound and Science of Music presentation, followed by a picnic in Forest Park. Continue reading “The Sound and Science of Music at the Sheldon”