I believe education is to promote independence and free thought in life. When I first came to this school I only hung out with my Soulard friends and didn’t interact with most of the other kids. My first real friend was probably George. He would help me find stuff all the time and was very nice to me. I have always been very independent and at this school I got to express that more than my old school. Continue reading “Noah”

Just Around the Corner…


Can you stand it?

Groundbreaking for the NEW Elementary building, the NEW pavilion and the NEW pool house begins this August right after the culmination of Camp Pegnita!

Feast your eyes on these updated plans! Continue reading “Just Around the Corner…”

George David


Presenting our next Villa di Maria graduate!

GDM Speech

My experience at Villa is like working on a car. While disassembling a car you will run into problems, but when you assemble the car again it is perfect. Villa has helped me championing things I never thought I could do. Continue reading “George David”