Who We Are: Jay Fram

img (69)As part of a series we’re calling Who We Are, we’re working to build our community by interviewing the talented, dynamic parents and staff who make up the people of Villa di Maria. Today, we meet Jay Fram, professional photographer and father of two boys who attend Villa di Maria. Jay is not only an artistic asset to the city of St. Louis, he is a thoughtful, intelligent, approachable human being who has given a lot of thought to his boys’ education (and, judging from the photo below — taken from Jay’s personal work — is not afraid to really put himself out there).  Continue reading “Who We Are: Jay Fram”

Upper Elementary Celebration: El Dia De Los Muertos

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Yesterday, the Upper Elementary students celebrated El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday focusing on honoring and remembering friends and family members who have died, and to support their spiritual journey. The intent of the holiday is to encourage visits by the souls, so the souls will hear the prayers and comments of the living directed to them.  Continue reading “Upper Elementary Celebration: El Dia De Los Muertos”

Boo Fest 2016

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Thanks to the hard work of Tami (who had a vision and made it happen), Kathy, and Bussy — along with all the other parent volunteers who put in many extra hours of creativity and busy hands — this year’s Boo Fest was a huge success! Words cannot express how much fun the children had. There were many “This is the best night of my life!”-type comments overheard by the parents and staff! Continue reading “Boo Fest 2016”

Why Kids Need Recess

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Recess. The word alone may bring back vivid childhood memories — the sounds of happy screeching, yelling, and laughter, the feeling of the breeze on your face as you ran as fast as your legs could carry you while your friends chased you, the experience of trying to catch your breath from a fit of giggles, even the bittersweet memories of trying to work out a problem or disagreement with a peer as you stood face-to-face in anger. Whatever your experiences were of recess, they were undoubtedly important to your social and emotional development.

Recess, as it turns out, is about far more than exercise. Continue reading “Why Kids Need Recess”